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Factory Manufacturer Die-cast mould parts aluminum with powder coating

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Die-cast molding is a manufacturing process used to produce metal parts in high volumes with high precision and accuracy. This process involves forcing molten metal under high pressure into a mold cavity, which is made of two hardened steel dies. The molten metal is injected into the cavity at high speeds and then quickly cooled, allowing the metal to solidify and take the shape of the mold. Once the metal has solidified, the mold is opened, and the newly formed metal part is removed from the mold. The die-cast molding process is commonly used in the production of parts for automobiles, appliances, and various other consumer goods. The advantages of die-cast molding include high production rates, the ability to produce complex parts with high precision and accuracy, and the ability to produce parts with consistent quality and dimensional accuracy. However, die-casting can also be costly due to the initial investment required to create the molds, the machines and equipment required, and the high energy consumption during the process. Nevertheless, die-casting remains a widely used and favored manufacturing process in many industries due to its ability to produce high-quality parts in large volumes with high accuracy and consistency.

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Material & Temper Aluminum Alloy ADC12 ,A380 or customized .
Film Standard Powder coating: 60-120 μ , Electrophoresis film: 12-25 μ.
Part Weight from 3 g --- 20kgs
Thickness 0.4mm-20mm or Customized.
Surface Treatment Mill-Finished, Powder Coating,Polishing, Brushing, etc.
Application Industry fittings and Construction and Decoration.
Casting Machine 200-1200 tons
Capability Output 100 tons per month.
Deep Processing CNC / Cutting / Punching / Checking / Tapping / Drilling / Milling
MOQ As custimer's . Usually 10-12 tons for a 20'FT; 20-23 tons for a 40HQ.
OEM Available.

Quality Inspection

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Q1.What is the specific fabrication process ?

Die designing→Die making→Smelting&alloying→QC→Die casting→remove burrs→QC→Surface treatment→QC→Packing→QC→Shipping→After Sale


Q2.What's the production time for new molds and mass production?

10-20 days to make the new moulds, mass production takes around 15 days,can process urgently if need

Q3.Can you send me samples ?

Yes, Samples are for free, and freight is on your side.

Q4.How long is the lifetime ?

Powder coating for 18-20 years outdoor.

Q5.What is the payment terms ?

T/T: 30% deposit, the balance will be paid before delivery;

L/C: the balance irrevocable L/C at sight.

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