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Second anniversary celebration of joining the company

We are delighted to congratulate Miranda and HaiYan on their second anniversary with our company. Their dedication and hard work have contributed greatly to our success, and we are very grateful for their contributions.


During these two years, Miranda and HaiYan have shown great commitment to the growth and development of our company. They have remained steadfast in their support, riding the waves of challenge and victory. We are excited about the future as we continue to grow together.

Additionally, we would like to thank all of our colleagues who have supported us along the way. Each of you has played an important role in the progress of our company. We firmly believe that each individual is not only an employee, but also a business owner and a stakeholder in the company's success. 

Going forward, our collective efforts will focus on expanding and strengthening our company. We will work together to create a prosperous future. We are grateful for everyone's dedication and commitment.

Finally, we cherish this special moment and thank Miranda and HaiYan for their excellent service over the past two years. Their dedication to our company is commendable. With your continuous support and enthusiasm, we are confident to overcome any challenges. Let us continue to strive for success and seize every opportunity to create victory.

Congratulations again to Miranda and HaiYan for this milestone and thanks to all our team members for their unwavering support. Together, we will pave the way for a brighter future for the company.


Post time: Jun-19-2023